3 types of pallets that you can purchase

Wooden pallets have got a wide variety of different applications within the logistics industry. Say, for example, you are transporting goods to a warehouse. If that happens you would need some way to load the materials on top of the truck and then some way to unload it as well. For those kinds of situations having a wooden pallet to load and unload the goods on would be very useful. And that is why you need to find pallets and cases to purchasing in Poole. And with those many different uses of wooden pallets and cases in the logistics and transportation industry, there are also many other different types of pallets out there. Here are several different designs and variations of the normal wooden pallet.

Reversible Pallet

This kind of pallet has got a top and a bottom that can be used reversibly. This means that the top and bottom boards of this kind of pallet are exactly the same. You can flip in between either surface of this particular pallet. So if you are looking for a particular pallet which is convenient to use, then a reversible pallet can be your best option. You can just simple load and store the goods or materials on top of it without having to flip it over. This could be incredibly useful, especially if you want to speed up the whole process of transporting goods.

String Pallet

This kind of pallet utilizes some stringers which are attached to the bottom portion of the pallet. There are also some stringers which are attached to the top half of the pallet as well. These stringer attachments allow the pallet to be able to have a two-surface platform. This is incredibly useful to a forklift because it allows the forklift to handle the stringer pallet any way across its width. The forklift can simply insert its handles into the slots in either direction of the stringer pallet. So for forklift operations, the stringer pallet is the superior choice.

Block pallet

Unlike a stringer pallet, a block pallet has got blocks in place of stringers. This kind of construction means that the two halves of the pallet are attached directly together. This is actually a good thing because it allows for an access in four directions instead of the two-way access with a stringer pallet. If for example, a load is much heavier, then a lifting mechanism can grasp those four different sections and load it up. This allows for much heavier loads to be placed on top of a block pallet.

It is important that you know exactly the different types of wooden pallets that are available, so you end up buying the right kind when you are looking for Southampton pallet companies to buy from. Be sure to also do further research on the other kinds of wooden pallet designs that are out there. These three are just some of the more common ones that are available, and there are much more that you will have to learn about.