Different Types of Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a process of upgrading an attic or an upper-level small space of a home to a room, office, storage, playpen or even a gym. Converting an open or closed space to a loft is not quite popular some countries. Most of the countries you can find are the United States of America or the United Kingdom wherein purchasing a used home is quite the drill to most of the normal people. Even the people who can afford to build their own homes, sometimes they make to some point of transforming their attics to a bedroom.

It is easy to DIY a loft if you are on the creative side but to some, it is quite complicated. It depends on how you want the loft to look like or what the use of the loft is to you. Most of the time, people in not so creative side hire contracts to do the task for them. There are a lot of  North London attic conversion service and in the US too, even in other countries.

In the UK, for example, there are 3 types of loft conversions: Dormer, Raised Gable, and Mansard.

Dormer adds up more space to convert the attic to a loft. It gives more space and provides headroom compared to other types of lofts. This type of loft is also the most common and most structure people choose to reconstruct to in expanding their attics. It gives enough space to another bedroom or a theater room perhaps. Dormer loft type also has different types which can be discussed further according to your preference. One of best thing with this type of loft is that you don’t really need to have a planning permission.

Another type of loft conversion is Raised Gable or the Hip to Gable. This is the process of extending or transforming to a vertical wall the sloping side of your attic. Leaning towards to extending the roof. In the UK, this type of loft may require a planning permission. It is still always best for them to communicate with their Local Authorities in able to address the concern before the reconstruction takes place and avoid penalties.

The most expensive and involves more construction than Dormer and Raised Gable is the Mansard. This is also known as curb roof or French roof. In this type of extension, planning permission is always required. This creates a wider and larger space of for a home. The entire sloping side of the roof is almost vertical follows the height of the roof deck and it is extended to both ends. Although the construction is expensive, you can enjoy a bigger space and higher headroom for this loft. You can find this loft usually in urban areas in London.

These are just the common types of loft that most people choose. The most important thing in reconstructing your attic is another space that will be created for your family. Another space to build more memories. Look for a professional in recreating your home.