Main Drawbacks of Cable TV

Are you choosing between cable and aerial TV? If so then you should considerAerial Installation Kent. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually several drawbacks of cable TV including the following ones:

  1. Packages

Cable TV companies tend to offer several price packages. It can sometimes be unclear exactly what you’ll be paying during the next year or two, for example. For example, let’s say that you sign up for a 2-year deal that includes an introductory offer.

You might assume that you’re getting free cable for 2 years. In fact, the second year could have a high price tag. That’s due to local taxes, rental charges, hidden fees, etc. These costs can add up quickly and result from you dishing out a lot more money than you expected when signing up for the 2-year deal.

  1. Monopolies

In many regions throughout the world, there are monopolies or near-monopolies. There are various reasons including small towns, local business/politics, and so on. It might seem like a plus because you won’t have to decide between several cable companies.

However, the big issue this can cause is bad customer service. The reason is the companies leverage the fact that you can do business with them or do without cable TV. In this situation, it might be better to pick aerial TV because you can pick your own installation/repair company. As a result, you’ll likely get better customer service due to the competition.

  1. Channels

One of the main features of a cable is that you can get a wider selection of TV channels to pick from, and the number can be quite high depending on the package you get. At first, this might seem like only a plus in terms of the free TV vs. cable TV debate.

However, a possible drawback is that you could be spending more money for channels that you’ll rarely or never watch. Most of us have favorite channels that we watch often or even daily. However, if you’re not interested in certain genres then you might want to skip certain cable channels. Unfortunately, they might be included in your package, which can be a drawback.

  1. Privacy

Here’s another possible drawback of cable TV. If you bundle your cable/Internet service your web connectivity will have less privacy. Cable Internet functions with a stable Internet Protocol (IP) address that never changes. As a result, it will be easier for sites to track your visits to them.

This is a different story than DSL. That allows you to reset your IP by simply switching your modem off/on. This makes it tougher for people to track your browsing, which is a situation you’ll most likely want to be in.

  1. Quality

This is another issue to consider. Cable companies compress high-definition (HD) video before transmitting it. If you want uncompressed HD then aerial TV is a better option. For many people, this isn’t an issue, and it’s basically a matter of opinion. That said, many TV viewers argue that uncompressed HD TV is crisper.